We invite scientists and educators to take part in the ongoing discussion about the scientific issues raised in Explore Evolution. If you would like to submit scientific comments or critiques about Explore Evolution, please send them in. We will review them and address them on these pages. For some particularly relevant comments or critiques, we will ask the author’s permission to publish their response, so please include your name, address, e-mail address and phone number with your submission to: furtherdebate@exploreevolution.com
Ongoing Debate
Ongoing Debate

One way scientists have advanced the frontiers of human knowledge is through spirited, yet civil, debate about the meaning of publicly accessible evidence. Scientists often debate how best to interpret the available evidence. Controversy in science is nothing new. It’s not a distraction; it’s normal. Explore Evolution is part of the continuing debate over Neo-Darwinism. On this page, the authors of Explore Evolution along with other scientists continue the discussion by responding to questions, comments, and critiques related to issues covered by the textbook. Responses are organized in two ways: by major review, and by book section/topic.

Responses to Major Reviews

Responses Organized by Book Section/Topic

Preface and Introduction

Universal Common Descent

Fossil Succession

Anatomical Homology

Molecular Homology



The Creative Power of Natural Selection

A New Challenge: Molecular "Machines"

Special Studies

Natural Selection as Survival of the Fittest

What Fossils Can't Tell You

Conclusion: The Nature of Dissent in Science

For Discussion on the Debate